Wished there was Git & GitHub for databases?

Introducing distributed database versioning made for developers & teams. Its time to start versioning your databases.

Go ahead. Check it out.

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Klonio brings version control and collaboration to databases bundled with an insanely easy backup experience.
The Klonio Client & Cloud are to databases what Git & GitHub are to source code.
Client in beta, cloud service coming soon.

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Klonio = Git + GitHub for databases. Heck yes!

We're bringing distributed version control to databases! You can commit changes to your database and even collaborate with other developers working on the same app. How cool is that?

Link database commits to code commits

You can map code commits from tools like Git to database commits done in Klonio, to give you the complete app versioning experience.

Run diffs on your database and commits

With Klonio, you can perform diffs on the database and between commits. Yes, diffs. No manual involvement needed. No schema freeze scripts. No any scripts. Just pure diff awesomeness.

Commits also backup and restore

Commits snaphot the database, so checking out to a commit restores your database to that state.

We're here when you need us

Here at Klonio, insanely awesome end-user experience is part of our mission statement. Try us and see for yourself. Seriously.